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Exchange Hosted E-Mail by Microsoft

Many, many small businesses don’t realize how much their image is damaged by not having a professional e-mail address.  For your potential customers, yourbusiness@gmail.com, or mybusiness@msn.com portrays an image of uncertainty.  Anyone can create an e-mail address on gmail, msn, yahoo or whatever.  Your business must have an internet domain name to have credibility.  But this is just one of the steps of productive, secure and private e-mail.  Microsoft Exchange Hosted e-mail, when connected to Microsoft Outlook, provides the following to your office:

  • Better internal office coordination through shared calendars, contacts, task lists and more
  • More professional appearance to your customers.
  • Extremely secure e-mail usage with virus scanning and spam protection
  • Secure and private interface
  • Flexible access methods, including web, smart phone, tablet and many more.

Many businesses use their domain registration provider to as their primary e-mail server.  This is far better than a g-mail, yahoo or msn generic account.  However, these types of services do not usually integrate well with smart phones.  Microsoft Exchange accounts integrate e-mail, calendars and contacts directly into smart phones.  Also, your e-mail is available via the web in addition to the traditional Microsoft Outlook client.  The flexibility provided by our professional grade e-mail system will make you and your employees much more effective and efficient.

Let us show you the benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosted e-mail with Outlook and how it can benefit your business.  To learn more about hosted e-mail click here.

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