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Exchange Hosted e-mail Additional Information.

Small companies should be aware of their on-line professional image.  At the very least, any company should have a unique domain name (www.myimage.com) and a simple website to explain their business.  In addition to the website, you should also have e-mail addresses for your business.  You should have an account for each person that has any need for external e-mail interaction.  To portray a larger size than your actual business, you may want to consider some functional e-mail names as well, such as sales@myimage.com, support@myimage.com and so on.  Even if you are a 1 or 2 person operation, this portrays an image of a larger organization.

So why not just use gmail, yahoo, or msn?  When evaluating a company for your own personal business, would you prefer a business that has a real internet home, or just a fly-by-night company that can setup and use an e-mail address from a free provider?  Furthermore, you can use e-mail forwarding services with Gmail that will use a legitimate e-mail address like yourname@myimage.com, but, when you reply from this address, your response will appear to the reader as “your-gmail-address@gmail.com on behalf of your-name@myimage.com.”  So the user will know that you really are just a Gmail subscriber.  Image is important and should not be neglected.

In addition to image, for a company with several users that need to share group contacts, calendars, tasks and other collaborative information, Exchange provides the facility to do this.  Each user can access shared information as required.  Exchange also provides the ability to use Microsoft Outlook (provided at no charge for each e-mail account we serve), web access and smart phone integration.  So, once again, you have “Your Office, Your Way, Anywhere!”

Privacy and security should also be a consideration.  Any of the “free” e-mail providers have to make money somehow.  They make their money by constantly scanning your online e-mail, documents and so on, so that they can sell this information to others.  When you use a free e-mail service, this not only applies to you, but also to anyone who sends you e-mail.  Any information that flows through your e-mail address is subject to be scanned for content and information gathered and sold.

All companies for the sake of a professional image should consider SkyNet I.T. Exchange Hosted e-mail.

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