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Hosted Servers Save Money

Almost every business has a server of some kind for their business.  The simplest form of a server is a computer that runs some kind of software that is common for the overall business.  An example of this is a restaurant that uses a “Point of Sale” program.  Usually there are several machines that have a network connection to the server.  The server is the central point of communications (and failure) for the business.

Servers and the associated maintenance, can be very costly for a business.  When a business has multiple locations, the cost is multiplied by the number of locations they have.  A hosted server environment allows the user to consolidate all the servers into a single location, in a data center, and eliminate the need for all of that computing equipment.  It just makes sense.

Another major benefit of SkyNet I.T. hosted servers is that we provide built-in redundancy.  In a typical on premise server, there is a single computer.  When this computer fails for any reason, the business is in capable of operations until the computer is repaired.  With SkyNet I.T. hosted servers, there is a second server constantly running and ready to take over in the event of a failure of the first.  This nearly guarantees 100% up-time (well, almost, but it is as good as you can find).

Let SkyNet I.T. show you how your business could benefit from a cloud hosted server.

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