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More about Remote Access Computing

Our computer servers are located in a secured, climate controlled data center located in downtown Salt Lake City.  When using Remote Access Computing, the user logs into the SkyNet I.T. system using an internet browser such as Internet Explorer.  After logging in, the user then can launch the “Remote Desktop” which will look and feel just like any other Windows based computer system, because it is a Windows computer.  At this point, the user does the work that is needed using their typical applications.  Microsoft Office products are included with Remote Access Computing.  The really nice part is, if you have to leave your work for any reason, it will be right where you left it when you come back.  Even if this is at home, across town, across the country, wherever. There is no need to worry about the power going out and you didn’t save your document.  Don’t worry about the kids coming in and accidentally closing your program.  It is all on a remote computer out of reach.

Our data center provides 7 internet backbone services into the facility.  This essentially guarantees internet access to your services 24/7/365.  The data center also provides power backup in the event of a power interruption at the facility.  Additionally, the access to facility is protected by multiple levels of security including badge access, a manned guard station and biometric finger print scanning.  This is far better security for than the typical small business owner can provide.

Some people ask “Oh, so this is just like GoToMyPC  or LogMeIn that I hear advertised.”  The answer is yes and no.  SkyNet uses the same kind of technology that GoToMyPC uses, but you are not accessing your computer.  You are accessing a much more secure computer, as previously mentioned.  So while SkyNet provides the same flexibility as GoToMyPC, the actual facility you are using is much more safe and secure.

Our servers also provide redundancy.  This means that if any of our servers crash, there is another one ready to take over instantly.  So unlike your computer in your office, or laptop, we eliminate the single point of failure associated with these options.

The Remote Access Computing uses our Hosted Servers.  To learn more, click here.

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