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VoIP Telephone Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephone Service

Traditional land line services typically charge per line of service.  Examples of this are CenturyLink, Comcast, Integra among others.  Many of these providers charge up to $100.00 per month just to have any service at all, and each additional “line” can cost as much $40 or $50 each.  Any business with over 3 or 4 lines is usually spending at least $250 per month in phone expenses. VoIP telephone service offers these benefits (and many more):

  • Can be less than half the price of traditional land line service
  • Minimal equipment needed.
    •  Phones
    • Managed Switch
    • SkyNet I.T. will lease phones at your option
  • Greater flexibility in telephone system management
  • SkyNet I.T. handles all setup and maintenance for you

Let us analyze your current telephone expenses and see if you can save money with our VoIP telephone service.  Odds are we can, and you will immediately begin saving money each month.  In many cases, we can add some of our latest technology cloud based products and your business will be “in the cloud” without spending another dime.

To learn more about VoIP Phone Service click here.

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