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What the Heck is the Cloud?

Would you like to know what the heck “Cloud” services are? Isn’t it just backup storage? Can my business really benefit from so called “Cloud” options?

Cloud services are quite simply any product that is offered as a service over the internet.  The oldest and most common of these is e-mail.  Cloud has become synonymous, lately, with remote backup.  But there are quite literally 1000’s of other uses for cloud services, and your business can likely benefit from them.


  • Your business may benefit from the privacy of professional grade hosted e-mail.
    • More secure and private than Google, Yahoo or other SMTP e-mail providers.
    • Much better integration with Outlook

Team Collaboration

  • SharePoint offers team collaboration through a browser based “Intranet.”
    • Customized to your specifications at a very affordable price

Remote Access Products

  • Remote Access Computing
    • Ideal for field sales, service employees, remote offices and especially telecommuters
    • Safer and more secure than your laptop
  • Virtual Servers
    • Moves your on premise servers into a secure data center
    • Provides built-in redundancy

Before you invest in any new computing equipment, please call us.  We are likely to save you thousands of dollars in technology investments.  We will gladly perform an assessment of your current I.T. situation, and discuss with you the ways you can begin saving with cloud products immediately.

We can be reached at 801-203-3456. Call and start living in the cloud today.

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