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A Hosted Business Servers are essentially high end commercial grade servers that are shared among many users. Each user gets a portion of the server’s capability. All users are given dedicated access to the portion of the server allocated to them. Other users are kept isolated from other each other’s data and software through proper portioning of resources. In effect, you get a customized solution that fits your needs without guessing on what your needs are. These systems are “scalable” meaning that they can grow as your needs change.

More Details

Depending on the providers’ implementation, these systems offer many more benefits over on-site solutions. Among the benefits are:

  • Redundancy
    • Multiple servers running your software so failure is less likely
  • Data protection
    • Commercial grade dual redundant disk storage
  • Physical security
    • Systems are operated in highly secured data centers

The fact is having a server at a business location is a false sense of security. Generally a small business can be broken into fairly easily and if your server is stolen, the loss is frequently catastrophic.

The other thoughts to consider are network vulnerabilities. Certainly the various data breaches and hacks that have made the news are very troublesome. Some consider the idea of having their own server a defense against these kinds of breaches. The fact is that your server at your office is even more vulnerable than a data center protected server. Unless your company has spent the large investment in commercial firewall protection, your business server is just as likely to get “hacked” as your home computer.

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