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More about your Business Server

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Our company has a Business Server. Now What?

Many times servers are the most neglected of all computers in a business. It is not uncommon to find a business server in a backroom, or closet somewhere. Servers are usually built to be very robust and to run constantly, 24/7 for years. But when the server in a business fails, business stops. When cooling fans finally have too many dust bunnies blow through them, they fail due to overheating.

The best thing a business can do to circumvent server failure is to build in redundancy. In order to do this, two servers are needed that coordinate with each other to keep data in sync on both servers. Most small businesses cannot afford this capability, so they risk running on the one server.

Benefits of SkyNet I.T. Business Servers

Server Room

Modern interior of server room in datacenter

Some hosted servers (not all), provide the redundancy to keep your business running in the event of a server failure. SkyNet I.T. provides full hardware redundancy on our hosted business servers. In the event of a server crash, there is a second live server ready to take over the load. This means almost no perceptible interruption of service in the event of a server failure.

SkyNet I.T.’s servers also use an enterprise grade storage solution. Data stored on your servers are stored on redundant disk storage arrays. In the event of a disk failure, data is completely available on another disk. When the failed disk is replaced, the data is automatically resynchronized and the redundancy is restored.

Another benefit of a hosted server is simplified networking within the business location. In most cases, a hosted server simply needs a good high-speed internet connection via typical carrier modems/routers.

For more information about servers, see the Wikipedia description here.

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