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The Very Basics of Business Information Technology

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Don’t forget the Internet!!!

Start Early on choosing an Internet Provider

Several times in the last couple of years, we’ve run into clients that were either starting or moving a business.  Almost, without exception, these companies were late in starting the selection and commitment for their internet provider.  Needless to say, that without an internet connection these days, your business will suffer great pain. It is fairly common to have a 30 day or greater lead time on your installation.


Just because you are in a relatively highly developed area does not mean that good internet is available. For instance, in the northern portions of Salt Lake County on Beck Street, there are several large businesses. You’d expect to be able to get good internet out there. Not so. While there are big businesses, the geography limits the area covered. I-15 to the west, hills to east. It is a very narrow strip of area.

Go as Fast as You Can Afford

Internet speed is getting relatively cheap these days as the providers compete for customers. In most areas, 20Mbps (Mega Bit per Second) internet is widely available. However, there are many surprises when it comes to internet availability as previously mentioned. There are good entry level packages from CenturyLink and Comcast. A great option is the CenturyLink CoreConnect at $75.00/mo. Don’t go with the up sells. Go for speed and speed alone.

Best of Service

Quite honestly, most telecom companies are not stellar at customer service. They are a necessary evil. Generally speaking a company should deal with a tier 1 provider such as CenturyLink, Comcast, Integra or another big provider. However, as mentioned above, sometimes these tier 1 providers just don’t service an area. Consider a fixed wireless broadband provider such as Utah Broadband for your needs.

Why is Internet so Critical

This might seem like an obvious question. However, internet service is even more critical these days. With cloud computing and VoIP telephone options, the internet provides more and more to our businesses. For instance, with hosted VoIP telephone systems, a business no longer needs to buy multiple dedicated phone lines into their business. There are VoIP options that scale to your business needs on demand.

Watch the Fine Print!!!

Most  Internet Service plans require a minimum commitment for a period of time.  In general, CenturyLink wins this battle with typically a 2 year commitment for best pricing.  Comcast is typically 3 years.  But the real kicker is in the fine print.  Some carriers have an automatic renewal clause that says if the customer does not cancel or notify the carrier, the contract will automatically renew for a minimum of 1 year!  Sometimes the entire length of the commitment renews!  Watch for the daggers in the details.

Let SkyNet I.T. Help You Plan

We have helped many clients to transition from one site to another. We are experts in planning and facilitating business moves. Call us and let us solve these problems for you. Call 801-203-3456 as soon as you start planning a more or a new business. We’ll help you get off to a good start.


What the Heck is the Cloud?

Would you like to know what the heck “Cloud” services are? Isn’t it just backup storage? Can my business really benefit from so called “Cloud” options?

Cloud services are quite simply any product that is offered as a service over the internet.  The oldest and most common of these is e-mail.  Cloud has become synonymous, lately, with remote backup.  But there are quite literally 1000’s of other uses for cloud services, and your business can likely benefit from them.


  • Your business may benefit from the privacy of professional grade hosted e-mail.
    • More secure and private than Google, Yahoo or other SMTP e-mail providers.
    • Much better integration with Outlook

Team Collaboration

  • SharePoint offers team collaboration through a browser based “Intranet.”
    • Customized to your specifications at a very affordable price

Remote Access Products

  • Remote Access Computing
    • Ideal for field sales, service employees, remote offices and especially telecommuters
    • Safer and more secure than your laptop
  • Virtual Servers
    • Moves your on premise servers into a secure data center
    • Provides built-in redundancy

Before you invest in any new computing equipment, please call us.  We are likely to save you thousands of dollars in technology investments.  We will gladly perform an assessment of your current I.T. situation, and discuss with you the ways you can begin saving with cloud products immediately.

We can be reached at 801-203-3456. Call and start living in the cloud today.

SkyNet I.T. provides e-mail and remote desktop services for local construction company

After hearing about our remote desktop services from their accountant, this local construction company chose to use our product.  Using remote desktop, the construction company securely and privately shares accounting information with their accounting service.  This is far more secure than sending the data via e-mail.  Upon hearing about our hosted e-mail service, this same company chose to convert from g-mail, to their own exchange hosted e-mail.  SkyNet I.T. was able to fully convert their users from gmail to Exchange with minimal interruption.  Now this company is receiving the full and powerful benefits of corporate grade Outlook communications including shared contacts, shared calendars and professional grade e-mail.

SkyNet I.T. Provides Multi-Access database for local company

A local company had two business locations literally within blocks of each other, but could not share their business database between the locations.  Using the Remote Desktop application with 3 user accounts, this company can now access their common database and are also benefiting from the use of Microsoft Office Professional Plus for each user as well.  The power of the remote desktop (a hosted virtual computer in our data center) is unique and extremely useful.

SkyNet I.T. provides telecommuting option for local accounting company

Our client needed the ability to install an accounting program on a computer that could be accessed by another employee that lived 40 miles away.  Of course, they could have used “GoToMyPC” but the problem was one of data security as well.  Using remote desktop, the employee no longer needs to drive to the office in order to be productive.  This employee just logs into the remote desktop and works from home (or wherever).  Now they can extend the work day by not having to commute 40 miles each way to work.  Saving them nearly 2 hours a day of driving is another 2 hours that can be spent working, or whatever else needs to be done.

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