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SkyNet I.T. FAQ

Does Remote Desktop work with Mac?

Yes, Remote Desktop does work with Apple Mac OS.

So Remote Desktop is like Log Me In or Go to My PC then.

No, not at all.  Remote Desktop is an actual protocol (RDP) used to communicate between computers to provide the user with a full computer user experience.  “Log Me In” and “Go to My PC” are desktop sharing protocols and as a result tend to have much longer lag times.  With these types of services, if you move your mouse there is a very large noticeable lag time between the physical movement and the mouse movement on the screen.  With most normal high-speed internet connections, the experience is almost unnoticeable with remote desktop.

Also, with remote desktop you are logging into a system in a secured data center with card access and biometric security.  Your data is typically far more secure than a typical office environment.  With remote desktop, you can use the most basic of computers to access your “Computer in the Cloud” from anywhere and never have to worry about your data being stolen or lost due to theft or bad fortune.

I already have hosted e-mail, why should I use yours

Most internet based hosted e-mail is either gmail or “POP” accounts.  While gmail does provide many features of our service, remember that Googles main revenue source comes from advertising and gathering user profiles.  Google does not make money on Google for Business or gmail, they make their money from selling targeted advertising based on users computer habits.  If you’re OK with that, then gmail may be OK for you.  But if you prefer a private company e-mail system, then that is where SkyNet I.T. comes in.

Another factor is privacy for your customers.  When customers e-mail you, and you use a free e-mail service, your customers e-mail is now scanned for information as well.  So now you have unintentionally sacrificed some of your customers privacy as well.

Also, the other type of e-mail service is often called “POP” or “IMAP” service.  POP stands for Point of Presence and essentially mean you have a spot on the internet that receives mail on your behalf.  Generally these are not used for multiple user accounts and cannot share resources like calendars, contacts and so on.

SkyNet I.T. provides a Microsoft Exchange server that can be accessed with Microsoft Outlook or via an internet browser using Outlook Web Access.  With Exchange, shared calendars, contacts and more are made available to the “enterprise” which essentially means your company.  Most larger organizations use a product similar to this.

How is VoIP different than normal telephone service

The original telephone system, known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone System, no really, that’s what they call it), uses a dedicated pair of wires for each telephone circuit into a building.  Alternatively, there are T 1 and other dedicated services.  Regardless, the bottom line is that while these systems have been around, well since Alexander Graham Bell, they are expensive to maintain and keep operational.  However, they are still arguably the most reliable telephone system available.

Since the development of the internet, another option became available.  It is called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  VoIP uses digital technology to combine many channels of voice into a single stream of data.  As a result, a single internet connection can carry many simultaneous voice feeds.  The result to the consumer is that there is a reduced need to maintain so many lines into a location.  With a single, reliable (that is sometimes the catch) internet connection, a business may be able to reduce or eliminate all of their dedicated telephone lines.  This typically results in a saving of many 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars.

SharePoint, what the heck is that?

Many large corporations use SharePoint to setup an internal “intranet” or “portal” for their business.  An “intranet” is an “internet” that only serves your business.  The information is maintained within your own network.  SharePoint provides so much capability and variety, it is impossible to create a brief summary of what it is and how it does it.  Let’s just say that SkyNet I.T. takes that worry out of your hands and simply makes a user friendly web browser based information store that is easy to use and very flexible and expandable.

We won’t lie to you.  There are providers out there that will provide SharePoint to you as a bonus for signing up for some other product.  But the problem is you or someone is going to have to setup the system, and that is no trivial task.  SkyNet I.T. will work directly with you to customize and make your SharePoint work well for your organization.  So far, we have developed SharePoint systems for Real Estate, Accounting and Technical Service organizations.  There is no limit to what SharePoint can do for you.

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